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  • Features: 
  • Specifically designed to reduce running costs and save energy.
  • Universally compatible with all split A/C systems.
  • Reduced temperature setting options of between 18 - 27 °C.
  • Replaces existing A/C Remote.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Unique infrared learning technology.
  • Tamper proof.

Product Description

Air Remote has been specifically designed to reduce energy costs by lowering the workload of the A/C compressor. Air Remote replaces the existing A/C remote controller and allows the property owner/manager to choose the temperature setting options available to the A/C user i.e. a holiday let occupant, rental tenant, employee, pupil, hotel guest etc.

Many users, on arrival, scroll down the temperature setting on the A/C remote to its lowest possible setting i.e. 16 – 17 degrees C, or its maximum setting of 30 degrees C. This will result in high energy running costs, and unnecessary strain on the equipment.

By reducing the minimum temperature setting option available to the user to around 21 degrees C or above in COOL mode for example, or 25 degrees C or below in HEAT mode, will prevent the occupant running the A/C at unnecessarily low or high settings, saving energy and wear and tear on the equipment. Meanwhile, the independent screen can display to the user a range of between 18 and 27°C.


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